Small in Size. Big on Natural Charm.


This small Scandinavian province, the most southerly in Sweden, is a little bit of paradise with a lot going on. Sometimes called Scania in English, it’s a haven for hikers and seasoned trekkers from all over the world who can’t get enough of the great outdoors. Happily, a lot of it is mapped out for you…


By numbers, the Skåneleden trail covers 1,300 km, six sub-trails and 118 sections. In reality, it features beautiful beaches, attractive fishing villages, dense forests and megalithic monuments. The scenery is varied and the culture is rich and you can choose to hike for a day or much longer. There’s a lot of ground to cover so you might want to pick up some local produce from one of the many farm shops. You can also choose your route according to ability and some are accessible to those with wheels, making the Swedish countryside here open to all. 


The Skåneleden trail is just one of a few scattered across Skåne and its national parks. You have your choice of terrain, from the lush woods of Söderåsen and its 150-million-year-old ridge, to the sandy heaths and rocky roads of Stenshuvud, complete with three peaks. In the west, Skåne’s coast is all about dramatic cliffs and rocky outcrops.  


Wherever you travel to, it’s good to know that Sweden is a haven for wild camping so you can pitch up pretty much anywhere and really escape for a night or two. If you prefer to have a few home comforts, there are campsites with facilities such as a shelter, compost toilet, firewood and rubbish bins. It’s all free.


Of course, Skåne offers a wealth of accommodation for all tastes and budgets. If camping isn’t your thing, you can opt for a luxurious castle, simple cottage, relaxing spa hotel or even a farm – many farmers welcome guests for an experience with a difference.  


All the fresh air makes Skåne the perfect holiday destination for families who like to stay active. Plus, there are lots of attractions to keep the kids happy. They’ll love Skånes Djurpark, a zoo that is home to more than 900 animals and 100 different species. Most of these are Nordic fauna of the cute kind, and you’ll discover a few you might not be familiar with, including Skånegås, Gute sheep, Fjäll cattle, and Jämtlandsget. The zoo is also a temporary stop for orphaned animals from around the world until they find their forever home - so you never know who you might meet!


Fans of Scandi Noir Crime Thriller The Bridge will already be familiar with The Öresund, the bridge from which the series gets its name. It’s visible along Skåne’s coastline – the best view on land is from the lookout point at Luftkastellet or check in to Ribersborg’s open-air bath and sauna for a more relaxing view. The best way to experience the bridge is, of course, by driving across. You can drive the 16kms in just 20 minutes, doing the final 4km through the world’s longest underwater tunnel from the man-made island of Pepparholmen.   


The bridge links Malmö with Copenhagen and the two cities are said to have more in common than Skåne does with the rest of Sweden. You’ll have to visit to find out more about the shared history and discover how Malmö is distinctly Swedish but with a slightly Danish flavour…

Small in Size. Big on Natural Charm.


This small Scandinavian province, the most southerly in Sweden, is a little bit of paradise with a lot going on. Sometimes called Scania in English, it’s a haven for hikers and seasoned...

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Choose your route...

Enjoy a trip to Skåne

From €89.00 single, car & driver

Choose your route...

Enjoy a trip to Skåne

From €89.00 single, car & driver

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