Travelling with pets on the Irish Sea

Booking a trip? Don’t leave your four-legged friend behind, they’re part of the family! Bring them along so that they can share the adventures and enjoy the fun. On Stena Line, pets are welcome and you can either book your companion into a kennel or keep them inside the car.


Pets may travel free of charge when they remain in your vehicle. You may also pre-book one of our limited number kennels. Guide, hearing and autism assistance dogs are welcome in all areas of our ports and ships.


Your pet can travel for free in one of our onboard kennels on selected routes. If you’re travelling on our Belfast – Cairnryan route you can carry your pet in a traveller case but this must be pre-booked. Guide, hearing and autism assistance dogs are welcome in all areas of our ports and ships.


Depending on your route of travel your pet may need documentation showing essential vaccinations have been carried out. Please see our checklist for full details.


Under the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), in order for your pet to travel, it needs a pet passport and to be microchipped. See our checklist for more info.


Take extra precautions and pre-book a kennel or leave the vehicle windows down sufficiently to give them some air.


It’s vital to exercise your pet before boarding to ensure they are comfortable and also bring along their favourite toys for the journey to keep them entertained.


Don’t give your pet too much food before the journey begins but leave water in your vehicle incase they get thirsty and ensure they have plenty of toilet breaks before boarding.


If this is your first time taking your pet on the ferry, why not test the waters and take them on a few long drives to help them feel comfortable in their surroundings.

RSPCA Top Tips when travelling with your pet
Pet Travel Top Tips

The Chamber of Shipping and the RSPCA have been working together to provide welfare guidance for dogs travelling on ferries.

Stena Line are delighted to be able to share this document with you and hope you will find it useful and helpful when preparing for your next journey.



Guide, hearing and assistance dogs

Stena Line is proud to have signed the Guide Dog Travel Charter, a code of ethics for the treatment of Guide Dogs and their owners by the travel industry.

In accordance with the charter, guide dogs are entitled to free travel and have full access to the passenger decks on all Stena Line routes and vessels.

Please note: All guide and assistance dogs must have the necessary paperwork when checking in at the port and must wear the correct harnesses and jackets at all times while travelling.


Check out our frequently asked questions to find out more information about travelling with your pets.

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