Book into our Pet Lounge!

Onboard our Stena Superfast vessels between Belfast and Cairnryan we have a dedicated Pet Lounge for you and your pet to enjoy.  The lounge is situated on Deck 7 and can be prebooked for only €19 per pet (maximum two pets per booking). Guests in the lounge can enjoy complimentary tea/coffee facilities and there’s water for pets too. Seating up to 30 passengers and with space for 10 pets in carrier cases (maximum length 91cm x height 62cm x width 56cm), passengers and pets can relax in comfortable surroundings and enjoy the sailing together! For everyone’s safety and comfort, pets must remain in their pet carrier cases for the duration of the crossing.


Don’t forget to pre-book your pet! All passengers who wish to travel with their pet in the Pet Lounge must pre-book the Pet Lounge in advance of travel.


Read on to learn more about the Pet Lounge and our policies around pet travel on the Irish Sea. We look forward to welcoming you and your pet onboard.

Pet Lounge FAQs

A maximum of 2 pets per booking are permitted in the Pet Lounge. If you are travelling with more than 2 pets, the additional pets must be pre-booked into our kennels or left in your vehicle. If you are travelling by foot with more than 2 pets and have booked the Pet Lounge, the additional pets must have been pre-booked into a kennel otherwise you will not be permitted to travel.

Only the following pets are permitted in the Pet Lounge: dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters & ferrets. The maximum numbers of pets per booking within the Pet Lounge is 2 pets. All pets, regardless of size must remain in their pet carrier case in the Pet Lounge for the duration of the crossing.

Yes. The purpose of the Pet Lounge is to provide a dedicated, contained and pre-bookable space for those travelling with their pets in carrier cases. For safety reasons your pet must remain in its secure pet carrier case for the duration of the crossing whilst in the Pet Lounge. The Pet Lounge is not exclusively for dogs, so with different types of pets and breeds of animal permitted in the lounge, all pets must remain secured in their pet carrier case. The lounge is an enclosed area and is an unfamiliar environment for all pets, so for the comfort and safety of pets and owners, it is mandatory for all pet owners to adhere to this rule.

The maximum size for each pet carrier case is length 91cm x height 62cm x width 56cm. Pets must remain in the carrier case for the duration of the crossing within the lounge.

Yes, we’ve created a dedicated space on Deck 7 for owners to take their pets outside. Your dog must wear a collar and be on a non-retractable lead (no longer than 4 feet) and must also be under the control of an adult at all times when you are in a public area. The dedicated area for pet owners is sign-posted and is the only place on deck that pets and their owners are permitted.

If your dog is not aggressive and has never been aggressive to people or other animals your pet does not need to wear a muzzle.  If your dog is aggressive it must wear a muzzle at all times except when inside a pet carrier case in the Pet Lounge or in a pet cabin or pet kennel.

The Pet Lounge is on Deck 7 on Stena Superfast. Our team onboard will direct you to the lounge when you come onboard.

The Pet Lounge can be booked online or via our Contact Centre for only €19 per pet. Demand for the Pet Lounge is high so we advise all customers to book early. You must pre-book the Pet Lounge in advance of travel as if there is no space available in the lounge your pet must then remain in your vehicle or be placed in a kennel.

The Pet Lounge has secure keypad access that only guests booked into the lounge have. The keycode will be issued to you when you check-in for your sailing.

Yes; all dogs can be brought onboard wearing a collar and must be on a non-retractable lead (maximum length 4ft). All pets must be placed in their pet carrier case before entering the Pet Lounge.

For safety and security reasons, owners must not leave their pets unattended in the Pet Lounge at any time.

Yes, assistance and guide dogs are permitted in the lounge and in all public areas onboard our vessels.

Assistance dogs do not need to remain in a pet carrier case in the Pet Lounge. Assistance and guide dogs are permitted in all areas of our vessels and do not need pet carrier cases whilst travelling with Stena Line.

No, this was a temporary area on Deck 8 for passengers travelling with pets in pet carrier cases and is no longer in use now that the Pet Lounge is open.

No, the Pet Lounge is exclusive to our Stena Superfast vessels between Belfast and Cairnryan. Our other ships offer a combination of pet cabins, pet kennels and pets permitted to remain in vehicles. Stena Vision on our Rosslare – Cherbourg route only offers pet cabins to those travelling with pets – no kennels are available, and pets are not permitted to remain in vehicles on this vessel.

No, the Pet Lounge is reserved solely for people travelling with pets.