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A road-trip guide through the heart of Sweden

A country steeped in history that harks back to the Viking Age, Sweden is a must-see for everyone looking for that next great adventure. The southern part of Sweden, with its magnificent countryside, is no exception. Rolling wheat fields and a beautiful coastline are the major natural highlights of this area, but with the third largest city in Sweden, there’s something here for everyone.


Travel from Rostock to Trelleborg, or Gdynia to Karlskrona, and you’ll disembark into a world where the endless miles of beautiful landscapes are peppered with quaint villages and the third largest city in Sweden – Malmö. Travel north and visit the islands of Öland and Gotland, where the history and sandy beaches makes every inch even more beautiful than before. As with any road trip, detours are encouraged! Don’t be afraid to make this adventure entirely your own.


30 minutes from Trelleborg you’ll find Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden. Known for its innovative culinary scene and iconic architecture, this city is one that you can’t miss if you’re in the area. Take that quite literally, as the futuristic skyscraper “Turning Torso” towers 190 meters above the city and is the second tallest building in Sweden. Check out Öresundsbron, the bridge connects Denmark to Sweden, splurge at Emporia or Triangeln shopping centres and have a bite to eat in one of the cities acclaimed restaurants. 

Urban landscape of Malmo, Sweden

Driving north along the coast from Karlskrona you’ll get to the city of Kalmar. The Kalmar Union was signed here in 1397, and Sweden’s recession from it in 1523 marks the foundation of modern Sweden. Shortly put, Kalmar’s history is the history of Sweden. Be sure to visit the Kalmar Castle and take a stroll on the cobbled streets riddled throughout the medieval city centre. If you need to cool off, take a swim at the oddly named Kattrumpan beach, meaning “The cat’s butt”. 

Kalmar Castle, Sweden

The island of Öland is located across a bridge from Kalmar and is must-see when you’re in the area. Go for a hike in the wind-swept pine forest of Trollskogen nature reserve, where the trees take on the weirdest of shapes. Visit the town and castle of Borgholm or have a relaxing day at the beautiful 20km long beach Böda Sand. 

Coast and lighthouse Lange Erik on north coast of the island of à land in the east of Sweden from above during sunset

If you haven’t had your fill of medieval castles and city centres, the island of Gotland is an absolute must. With an awe-inspiring city wall and riddled with houses from the 13th century, the entire city of Visby is a protected World Heritage Site. Dotted around the island you’ll find rune carvings, ruins from massive cathedrals and a peaceful countryside that truly makes Gotland stand out from the crowd. 

Visby, Gotland, Sweden

A bit north of Trelleborg, on the west coast, you’ll find the city of Göteborg.

The second largest city in Sweden, it’s home to Scandinavia’s largest amusement park Liseberg, as well as numerous Michelin-starred restaurants. Take a stroll through the cobblestone streets of Haga district, have a fika, a typical Swedish dish consisting of coffee and pastries, or sit by the harbour and watch the ships roll in. 

City of Gothenburg street architecture view, Vastra Gotaland County of Sweden

The capital of Sweden is obviously a must-see for everyone coming to Sweden. Here, you’ll find everything your heart desires. There’s the amusement park Gröna Lund, the Royal Palace where you can watch the changing of the guard, the colossal Vasa Museum where the world’s best-preserved 17th century ship is, the ABBA museum and much, much more. Saunter down the streets of Gamla Stan and its 13th century buildings, have dinner at the waterfront and take a canal tour around the city. Simply put, Stockholm is truly a capital worthy of its title. 

View of Stockholm's old town in Sweden

Quick Facts

Distance Trelleborg - Gothenburg

Distance from Trelleborg to Göteborg

If you’re driving from Trelleborg to Göteborg, expect the trip to take around 3½ hours depending on traffic. On the way, make sure to stop by the seaside and experience why the locals call the west coast the “best coast”.     

Distance Karlskrona - Stockholm

Distance from Karlskrona to Stockholm

A longer drive of 500km, the drive would take about 6 hours from Karlskrona to Stockholm. Don’t forget, the road trip is yours to plan! If you’re feeling up for it, we really recommend driving up to Stockholm.

How to get to Gotland

How to get to Gotland

If you’re planning a trip to Gotland, the only way there is by ferry. Be sure to book your ticket in advance as they could sell out! 

Try local cuisine

Try some local cuisine

Sweden’s big cities might have Michelin-starred restaurants and fine dining, but don’t be afraid to try the local foods as well! You’d be surprised often the local food scene can be made into superb dishes.

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