Do I need to disable my car alarm when parked onboard the ferry?


Some car alarms may be sensitive to vibrations on deck and can be set off during the crossing. The noise can be disruptive to guests, especially those wishing to rest. We would appreciate if you could disable your internal/tilt car alarm before you leave your vehicle after parking on the vehicle car deck onboard the ferry Our car decks are closed during the crossing so your vehicle will be safe.

It is the interior or tilt alarm of your vehicle that needs to be deactivated, not the entire system. For most vehicles, this can be achieved by locking your vehicle with the physical key rather than the fob. However, if this is not effective or your do not have a physical key please try the following methods. 1. Exit the vehicle and lock as normal using the key fob. When the locks engage, press the locking button again which should engage only the anti-theft alarm. 2. Use the tilt alarm button which can be on the dashboard, close to the bonnet release button or close to the petrol cap release button. Switch the car off at the ignition, press the tilt alarm button, exit the vehicle, close the door and lock the vehicle as normal. Should these methods be ineffective, consult your vehicle's manual or speak to member of our guest services team.