Belfast - Liverpool Route - Useful Information

Pets Pets

Guide, hearing and assistance dogs: Guide, hearing and assistance dogs may travel in our lounges and cabins but must be declared at the time of booking. If you have not done this, please call 01 907 5555 to arrange.


All other pets: A kennel must be pre-booked and costs €15 per kennel per single journey. Please amend your booking here if you need to add a kennel to your booking.


Check-in and on board: You’ll be given a keycode at check-in for the kennels which are on Deck 5 by the Barista coffee lounge. Take your pet through the lounges to the kennels (but please clean up any mess!).

You may access the kennels at any time during your sailing using your keycode and heating settings can be controlled. Your pets can be exercised in the marked area on the deck just outside the kennels.

Cabins Cabins

Cabins are available from €32 single on day time sailings and from €72 single for overnight sailings. We recommend that you pre-book a cabin, especially when travelling during holiday periods, as they can sell out. You can add a cabin to your booking by clicking here.


Family & Comfort Cabins

These are on Deck 6 and are accessible directly from the top car deck or via stairs from Deck 5.


Disabled Cabins

These are on Deck 5 and accessible from Deck 3 via a lift. It is essential that these cabins are pre-booked – please click here.


You will be asked to vacate your cabin 30 minutes before arrival following an announcement one hour before arrival.

At The Port & Boarding / Leaving The Ferry At The Port & Boarding / Leaving The Ferry
At the port & boarding/leaving the ferry

Port facilities: Television lounge, seating, toilets, drink and snack machines. Please listen out for announcements to return to your vehicle so that you do not delay boarding.

Accessing the ferry: If asked to park your vehicle on the upper deck, access is via a steep ramp. Leave sufficient space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front, stay in a low gear and be prepared for a right hand turn at the top of the ramp.

Leaving the ferry: Please listen for announcements for vehicle and foot passengers. We are sorry for any inconvenience but there is about a 15 minute wait for vehicles on Deck 6 while vehicles on Deck 3 disembark.

Information Table Information Table
Foot Passengers

Foot passengers may only take 1 item of hand luggage onboard (a daily bag e.g. a handbag, may also be carried onboard). All other items on luggage should be checked in. This can be claimed in the terminal after arrival.

Boarding for foot passengers takes place 90 minutes prior to sailing via a coach which departs from outside the terminal however there will be a later coach run if required.

Foot Passengers
Car Passengers Car Passengers
Car Passengers

Boarding for vehicles normally commences 90 minutes prior to sailing. Further boarding will take place every 30 minutes until loading is complete.


Those car passengers with a disabled cabin booking will be parked on car deck 3. Passengers requiring assistance can avail of a lift (right hand side near entrance ramp after parking) to reach deck 5. Other passengers can avail  of stairs or an escalator to reach deck 5 (left hand side near entrance ramp after parking). Other vehicles will be parked on deck 6.


Car passengers should only take 1 item on hand luggage from their vehicle into the passenger areas.