Free Wi-Fi

Free wi-fi so you can work or play all the way

At the Port


Free Wi-Fi is currently available in our Belfast, Cairnryan, Dublin, Fishguard, Holyhead, Liverpool, Rosslare and Cherbourg Ports so you can make the most of your time between check-in and boarding! Simply select ‘Wi-Fi Zone – The Cloud’ and login in using your Cloud registered details or register for free.





If you have your own laptop, PDA or smartphone, you can surf the net for free onboard all Stena Line Irish Sea routes. All you need to do is select the ‘Internet@Sea’ network onboard and the web is at your fingertips for free!


Please note: We are delighted to offer this free service to you, however Internet@Sea will never be as fast as the broadband you might enjoy at home or in other land-based locations. One of the main reasons for this is due to the technology behind the service.

It’s a little complex but put simply, all of our ships have freely moving satellite antennae which transmit a signal from the ship to a satellite 35,000 miles into space which then sends a signal back down to Earth. Speed will also vary due to the bandwidth available, which is delivered by satellite and accessed by all users and ships simultaneously.

To help improve the service and to make efficient use of the available bandwidth, we have removed access to streaming media sites such as Netflix, YouTube, online games, Skype etc.

The wi-fi signal is not available in our cabins and will vary in strength in other areas of the ship.


What if I don’t have a laptop?

Most of our ships have Touchscreen PC’s which you can use during your crossing to access the web or update your facebook page!


No EU-roaming onboard

From June 15th 2017 roaming fees were removed within EU, meaning that no extra costs will be charged when using your phone for voice or data in another EU country.

Onboard Stena Line's vessels EU-roaming is not available since the vessels are operating in international waters. Rates for roaming at sea are available with your mobile operator.