Shipment of Firearms and Dangerous Goods

Can I travel on a ferry with firearms?

Carriage of Firearms
The safe transport of firearms is strictly regulated on all routes. It is a requirement that any firearm is always supported by the issue of a licence which is appropriate to the country of departure and/or destination, which should be available for inspection if requested.

When a vehicle carrying firearms arrives at the port our Duty Manager and the Port Security will then be notified and locally documented procedures will then be implemented to ensure that the following actions occurs, as appropriate:

In Vehicles
• If a vehicle will be carrying firearms the customer must declare so at the time of booking (for bookings made online, please call 01 907 5555 with your booking reference number) and also notify us again at the check-in booth upon arrival at the port.
• The Stena Line Duty Manager and Port Security will be notified. Locally documented procedures will ensure that the following action occurs:

The firearms will remain in the vehicle for the duration of the crossing provided that:
a) the firearm(s) are out of sight - locked in the boot of the vehicle.
b) The loading officer or his nominated deputy has confirmed that all doors to the vehicle are locked.

The port and ship will ensure that measures are implemented to enable the identification of vehicles carrying firearms whilst they are within the Port area and on board ship.

When the ship arrives at its destination this procedure will operate in reverse according to local documented procedures in that port.

Foot passengers

Foot passengers are not permitted to carry any firearms, ammunition, swords, knives, hilt weapons or dangerous substances.