Shipment of Firearms and Dangerous Goods

Can I travel on a ferry with ammunition?

Carriage of Ammunition

Private vehicles

A maximum of 1000 cartridges of UN Class 1.4s may be carried in a private vehicle without documentation provided that the cartridges are in the original manufacturers packaging.

Quantities in excess of this amount, or which are not Class 1.4s, must be declared and carried according to the full provisions of the IMDG Code; and only if the vessels "Dangerous Goods Document of Compliance" permits such carriage*.

The ammunition will remain in the vehicle for the duration of the crossing provided that:
a) The ammunition is out of sight and secured in a suitable locked box in the boot of the vehicle.
b) The loading officer or his nominated deputy has confirmed that all doors to the vehicle are locked.
c) Vehicle passengers will remain under close supervision until they have left the car deck.

When the ship arrives at its destination the procedure will operate in reverse according to local documented procedures in that port.

Foot passengers

The carriage of ammunition by foot passengers is prohibited at all times.

Further information, if necessary, can be obtained from the Duty Manager at the port of departure.

*Ammunition in higher quantities which would only be carried when supported by a Dangerous Goods declaration must be booked and ticketed via our Freight Department (and this will also be dependent on the vessel / route requested, and if it is authorised to do so according to statutory vessel certification).

These enquiries should be referred to our Freight Reservations department:-
Calling from Republic of Ireland - 048 9078 6062 
Calling from UK - 0845 070 4000
Calling from outside UK - 44 (0)870 850 3535