Europe by car

Motoring fines on the continent?

Some countries impose on–the–spot fines for minor traffic offences. Fines are paid in the currency of the country concerned to the police or local post office against a ticket issued. A receipt should be obtained as proof of payment. If you drink – don’t drive. The laws are strict and the penalties severe. Credit Cards are not accepted.


Paris, Lyon and Grenoble have introduced the ‘Crit’Air’ scheme, which is designed to curb pollution and requires most vehicles driving within designated ‘environmental zones’ to display a window sticker. The stickers cost €4.80 including postage, and there are six categories of sticker, which are colour-coded according to how much vehicles pollute. If you are caught driving without one in an environmental zone, you can be hit by an on-the-spot fine of €68. The certificates can be purchased online.