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As you are the main contact you have been set up as an Admin User and can now nominate others from your Business to use your account.

There are 2 types of Users:

Admin User – (like yourself) can make bookings add, remove and manage other users, update company details and / or travel

User - can make bookings, update his or her own personal details and / or travel

Please note: As an Admin User when adding others you will also need to set their passwords and advise them to contact you for their login details.

All can be easily done via the Users tab in your online system.

Handy Reference Guide

Please check out our handy reference guide

Discount levels

Your current level of discount is available to you for the next 12 months unless you upgrade to a higher level. Please see below the new discount levels available to you. The new online programme will automatically change your level according to your revenue spend.

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