Coronavirus advice


Can I still travel between Rosslare and Cherbourg by ferry?

Travel from Ireland to France


Our ferry services continue to operate to France. Passengers must provide evidence of their reason for travel but do not need to self-quarantine. Non-essential travel is not permitted.


If you are travelling to France then every person travelling in your party must complete this certificate of exceptional travel and sworn statement of health(.docx, 18kb), and have it with them for inspection on arrival. 


This page explains the circumstances under which people are allowed to travel within France – please check carefully before travelling to Rosslare, you may be turned away by the French Authorities if you don’t have a good reason to travel within France.


The French Authorities have advised us that they will only allow travel for the following reasons:


  • Going home

  • Travelling to your main residence

  • Working in France

  • Medical

  • Imperative family reasons e.g. provision of health care


Please note: holidays or social visits are NOT permitted




Travel from France to Ireland


There are quarantine restrictions when you are travelling from France to Ireland. Please click on the link below for further information.