Brexit Information

How will commercial goods vehicles be affected?

Port and ferry operators are working hard to ensure that passengers have as smooth and seamless a journey through their ports as possible.  The UK Government has stated that its wish is not see any additional checks or longer waiting periods at border controls than are currently in place for visa-free travel for leisure and short-term business trips.

Any customer travelling carrying commercial goods must contact Stena Line Freight Department in advance as it is their responsibility to book through the correct Stena Line Department and make the necessary customs declarations.  If you do not have the necessary declarations, we will not be able to check-in at your port of departure. Also, Stena Line reserves the right to return any passengers to their port of departure (at the passengers’ expense) if they are turned away by Customs at the port of arrival for non-compliance.

The above Q&A is based on latest government advice which may be subject to change.